EarthandSpace Mineral Research and Exploration Company is a foundation conducting mineral exploration, mining, consulting activities in mining sector.

The company contains academic and professional persons who worked many years in the field of mining sectors within itself. It conducts each stage of prospecting, exploration and exploitation stages such as prefeasibility, detailed feasibility, geological, geophysical studies, drilling works, reserve estimation, establishing and operation of a mining plant required for a licence area, and financial management at the international standards (e.g. JORC, UMREK, CRIRSCO) with its skilled team.

Africa, The Middle East, Asian region, South America are well-known with their rich metalic ore deposits. Our company conducts strategic partnership in these regions with its experienced persons who have full knowledge of geography, geology, ore-forming systems, socio-economic, cultural features of these regions.arthandSpace is a mega company on a global scale with its projects and professional manner on environment-firendly, beneficial to society, invigorating the economy, planning a sustainable manufacturing, metal processing, mining exploration, and recycling systems.

Why are us?

Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the Earth’s crust. Therefore it is a money making business. However, mineral exploration is extremely difficult, risky, costly, and time-consuming business.

Mineral exploration is carried out step by step, and therefore the first step always mortgage the laters. Every stages of the mineral exploration needs high priced investment. Wrong initiation of exploration or mistakes made at any stage of the exploration give rise to loss of huge amount of money and failure.

Therefore, professional and skilled team, a good organization, a good planning are inevitable for a successful mineral exploration. On the other hand, mining is generally very destructive to the environment.  For example, it is one of the main causes of deforestation. In order to extract the ore, chemicals such as cyanide, mercury etc. are used in mining areas. These chemicals are often discharged into rivers, streams, bays, and oceans.  This pollution contaminates all living organisms within the body of water and give damage to health of.

Our Mission and Business Strategy

Mineral deposits form in different geological settings as a result of complex geological processes. Their size and distributions are variable both at the surface and in various depths of the earth’s crust.   Depending on the complexity of the ore deposits, mineral exploration can be complex and has its own characteristics that differ from other resources sectors.

Mineral occurences may outcrop or may be hidden below the earth surface.
Mineral exploration and development of mineral deposits require money, in general million of dollars, to complete the work. Therefore, mineral exploration is extremely difficult, risky, costly, and time-consuming business.

On the other hand, returns on investments may take time to appear. During exploration stages, “the first step always mortgage the laters”. Therefore, a skilled team, a good organization, a good planning are inevitable for a successful mineral exploration.

EarthandSpace company conduct national and international, Greenfield and Brownfield projects. We are proud of contribution to investors at each stage of mining activities-from exploration to production. Our core values are respect, equality, transparency, honesty, and accountability.

Our Vision

EarthandSpace conducts feasibility study reports known as “Bankable feasibility report” that accepted for international banks. This system enable investors to use credits, known as Leasing Credit System, easily in mining sectors. Therefore, it provides big financial supports to the investors. EarthandSpace Company makes it its business to conduct all exploration and mining activities at high level standards accepted by inernational foundations such as JORC, UMREK, CRIRSCO.

Inspiriting mining activities with a manner to make sovereign environment-friendly mining model at peace with people all over the world is our fundamental principle. No matter where in the world, we make it our misson to be beneficial to environment, to conduct every activities in peaceful manner with the people.

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