Minerals occupy a broad place in human life and useful minerals are also critical for use of advanced technologies such as medical tools, electric electronic instruments, communication instruments, land, air and sea carriage, spacecrafts, etc. Therefore, for the maintenance of any country’s economy, it is important to have adequate supply of mineral resources.

Mineral deposit can be interpreted as aggregate of mineral and/or group of minerals in an unusually high concentration within the earth’s crust. Prospecting and exploration are the main stages used in the search for mineral deposits. Once a mineral deposit discovered, the main aim is to reveal the property of the deposit suchs as its size, shape, orientation in space, and location with respect to the surface, as well as the mineral quality and quality distribution and the quantities of these different qualities.

Exploration techniques vary considerably with ore-forming system and the type of deposits. For example, revealing alteration mineralogy and alteration zonning for a porphyry system, alteration and mineral paragenesis for epithermal system, geometry, paleotopography of deposition basin, and also transportation direction of clastic materials for placer deposits, hydrothermal system, geology, tectonic features, lithology etc. for a Carlin-type deposits are important subjects for a successful gold exploration.

Geology, structural geology, lithological features, etc. are important for exploration of ore deposits along Greenstone belts. Exploration is extremely difficult, risky, costly, and time-consuming business, and therefor it needs skilled team, good organization, good planning.

EarthandSpace Company carry out all mineral prospection and exploration  phases such as geology, geophysic, geochemistry, drilling, reserve estimation etc. studies in a target area.